KREAMY ‘LECTRIC SANTA: Operation Spacetime Cynderblock: “Four Riddles of the Spheres': LP/CD

May 21, 2010

There are times for expansion and there are times for contraction. KLS vibrate. Expand. Contract. Expand. Contract. The reference points are far-flung: Sun Ra, a near death spinal injury, Roky Erikson, broken glass, Crass, experiments with space and time, Smegma, violins, Bongwater, splattered paint, Hickey, rainbows inside of gasoline on water, The Creation, Eastern religions, and Shellshag. Art and aesthetics are personal choices. For music, I always think back to a sage fat man’s chest—”How much art can you take?”—for guidance. It’s no secret that bad art is an easy escape for the lazy and pretentious. But the continued vision to explode a microcosm into a self-populating universe; that takes serious misfit guts and long-term determination beyond the tried-and-true initial impulses of ego and negation (i.e. me rad, you suck.). Although I won’t find myself listening to KLS on a regular basis (they’re more of a sipping whiskey than a nightly beer run), I do find comfort that they exist and are pushing their boundaries and giving shape to what before was mere darkness. And when they’re visiting musical lands where I’m the most comfortable, they absolutely nail sweeping pop melodies and DIY punk with scary clarity and ease. Expand and contract. Expand. Contract.

 –todd (Starcleaner,