KRANG: Sounds of Death: LP

I’m immediately reminded of Deviated Instinct. Both bands have that sinister guitar sound that is sort of tinny, but, at the same time, dark and abrasive. The vocals are growly, near death metal style, but you can still make out the words, which are bleak observations on the world. My favorite song on here is definitely “The Earth Was Blue, But There Was No God,” as it has an even stronger tuneful aspect to it. (This is actually a pretty tuneful record, despite the usual of this style.) There’s no denying the explosive opening to “Death of Sound,” as it comes off the meandering and melancholy “Acceptance: Here at the End of All Things.” “Death of Sound” comes out with both barrels blazing. They only pause in the middle before picking up to a gallop. It’s the sort of music that is the soundtrack to the Apocalypse or if you’re on the run from the spell-changed denizens in the Forgotten Realm.

 –M.Avrg (Sacred Plague, / Occult Whispers, / Distroy,