KRANG: Bad Moon: LP

Krang return from their adventures among the outer wasteland with eight new songs that expand greatly on the sound they had on their previous LP, Sounds of Death. There’s a bit more of the metal flowing here than before, but they still have that raw crust punk base. “Mirror Puncher” may be their best song yet. From the guitars on to the catchy-as-hell rhythm, and through it all, they still keep it urgent and nasty sounding. The follow up, “Replacer,” keeps the fire burning. They shift down a couple gears during the intro to “Fall of the Dove” on the second side. It’s not a bad song. It just stops the quick flow that ended on the first side, though it’s picked back up with “Burn Now or Die Living,” which has a great sort of NWOBHM guitar riff with a filthy tone. Pretty strong second LP from these guys, making me think Krang are turning into a force to reckon with. 

 –M.Avrg (Profane Existence, / Sacred Plague,