KOSHER: Self Control: CD

Sep 21, 2009

It's funny, but every time I listen to this album, I end up singing a Descendents' song in my head. It's usually "Bikeage" because some parts of Kosher's "Brand New Enemy" sound so similar. Kosher seems to borrow a lot from the Descendents. The singer sounds a lot like Milo. They both have that happy melody with angry vocals. Kosher plays their instruments well and the songs are pretty well-constructed (though they probably could've taken a lesson from the Descendents' brevity and cut off a few of their songs before they repeat the same line eight times. Sorry. I have a short attention span). It's actually not a bad album and I could see these guys doing real well if they got themselves on a bigger label and opened for a bigger band. If that happens, I'm gonna go to the show and stand in front and scream "Play 'Suburban Home'" until they do it.

 –sean (Kosher)