Sep 09, 2009

This got passed to me from my brother and he told me that it was a mutual acquaintance’s new band. I get in snobby moods from time to time. Demo tapes, because of their mainly low quality recordings, I usually pass on. Since this is a guy I had partied and gone to gigs with over 10 years ago, I would give it a listen. I was blown away. I was really in the mood for some crusty dis-core. The formula that Discharge created over 20 years ago still holds its energy. The recording was full and powerful. Four pummeling, charged songs with thought-provoking lyrics. I want to join this band even though I can’t dress the part. Makes me want to go out and put soap or Knox gelatin in my hair to spike it up. I’m going to dig through my garage for my leather jacket and see if I can still fit in my bondage pants after all these years.

 –don (None)

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