KOLOKOL: Flammer og Farger: LP

Dec 13, 2007

There was a lot of controversy in the early part of the year about this release. I kind of forgot about it. It was a disagreement with the band and the label about the booklets. There was an agreement to have the glossy booklets printed in color. But the label decided to print it in black and white because the cost of the entire release would have made the sale price really expensive. So, according to the band, this version is not endorsed by them. So it’s a personal decision if you want to buy U.S. pressing on vinyl, produced under the circumstances stated above, or you can buy the CD that was put out by Sjakk Matt Plater out of Norway or the German LP pressing that just came out on Twisted Chords. I have read the debate and can understand both sides. It probably could have been handled differently so that both sides would have been satisfied. One thing is for certain: this band from Norway is amazing! The band plays a mixture of hardcore punk meets crust with hook-filled rock melodies. The songs are complex and well constructed. They are filled with a variety of textures and an intricately planned use of musical notes. Not average by any means. I like the clean production of this recording. The guitars are distorted but not overblown. The bass sound is smooth and punchy, played with skill and precision. The drums are holding the backbone of the musical experience while driving the notes of the music to forefront. But the contrast of vocals that are delivered with a convincing rage takes the music to a darker level. A truly epic release that should be sought out.

 –don (Moo Cow)