KOHOSH: Survival Guide: 12”

Jul 23, 2012

Five songs of melodic anarcho metal with cello and punk vocals. There’s a lot to like here, from the personal lyrics to the epic songwriting, but a couple things made me wince: The cello is ever-so-lightly out of tune and gives the music a disorienting wobbly quality, and punk vocals over harmonic metal guitars make a song sound like NOFX. So, I’d be wrapped up in a fantasy of galloping along on a horse, beheading capitalists, when suddenly the dream would shift and I’d be fourteen, in gigantic purple jean shorts, doing pressure flips off curbs. Oh, and yes, this will go down in history as “The Record with the Drawing of the Kid with the Dreadlock Rattail on the Cover.”

 –CT Terry (Cut The Cord That…, ctct-records.tumblr.com)

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