KOBAYASHI: Neuanstrich: LP

Jul 25, 2007

Never heard of this band before. But with so many bands around the world, that is highly likely. I really didn’t find much on this band when I did a quick search but I did learn that this is their second release. At first glance, I really didn’t think I would like this record. I thought this would be a street punk record from Germany. Boy was I wrong on that assumption. The band is definitely German. I can’t put my finger on what band or bands they remind me of at the moment. But that is a good thing since I can’t instantly write them off as another band that easily sounds like another. Instantly I can say that they play melodic driven punk that is emotionally layered and varied. Mid tempo beats that have force and songs that have been written with a lot of thought put in. Vocals are delivered with a passion and with conviction. Without understanding the language, I can definitely feel that the songs are sung with passion and sincerity. Guitars are a tad on the clean side but lightly distorted they create the right aural power to bring forth the music. Drums and bass tie in the rhythms to solidify the music. An enjoyable listen all the way through. A large group of labels banded together to put this out. Co-released by Alerta Antifascista, Soroll, Tofu Guerilla, Acclaim Collective, Synalgie, and Behind the Scenes. That shows a lot of faith that this release should see the light of day.

 –don (Alerta Antifascista)