KNUT: Alter: CD

Remixes of flat he-metal band Knut by folks such as KK Null, Asmus Tietchens, JK Broadrick (Godflesh), Mick Harris (Napalm Death), and Dalek take something ugly and turn it (mostly) into something…well, ugly, but more interesting (mostly). Minute samples transform into seething drones that obscure the formerly overbearing gruntvox, or single guitar chunks repeat on end, dumbing the whole thing down to a primal level (not that Knut isn’t dumb enough already; they just pretend they aren’t, and ther’’s your problem, ma’am). Otherwise, a few tracks are more beat-oriented and fruitier than a homosexual pomegranate, but the majority smash Knut’s lunky head into concrete chunks and then throws them for stepping stones into flowing sewers of ambient noise.

 –doug (Hydra Head)