KNUGEN FALLER: Lugna Favoriter: LP

Dec 13, 2007

Perhaps it’s from liking and listening to a lot of Otis Redding, but Knugen Faller, who could easily be placed in the “throwback ghetto” and dismissed as solely “a Swedish band who likes X-Ray Spex, Josie Cotton, and the Go-Go’s,” have a ton of soul. Sung entirely in Swedish, it gave me more time to just enjoy the structure of the songs. Aside from the more obvious punk and new wave sign posts, it kinda gets me how similar they are in spirit to many of the early Stax artists: chops galore, but tastefully played. All the instruments are used together to paint a more expansive picture, all rotating time in emphasis. So, in the punk rock lineage, as much as Silvia Sate’s great, strident voice, Knugen Faller take the jump-punk-rock-stride of The Saints and Rocket From The Crypt (man, I’m a sucker for well-placed, ska-less horns), and continue to add to the baffling good line of bands coming out of small city of Umea. Score another for the Ny Vag collective. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Wasted Sounds)