KNUCKLEHEAD: Hearts on Fire: CD

Jan 11, 2011

I’d ask how a killer band that’s been around for fifteen years could remain as underappreciated as Knucklehead, but that would be silly. Everyone knows that there are tons of amazing bands out there that are overlooked, right? In any event, Calgary’s Knucklehead is a rare pop punk band that’s been around since the mid-1990s pop punk heyday, yet survived through the passing of that one-time major jolt. There are a lot of other influences at play, too, but this is basically a throwback pop punk release, informed by a decade and a half of going at it. We’re not talking “la la” beach-y pop. Instead, Squirtgun-esque riffs prevail, with a hint of fashion/1990s spike punk. This thing is so retro, I got confused, turned on my TV, and tried to tune in to a new episode of Married… with Children. We can dream, right?

 –Art Ettinger (Stumble,

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