Sep 21, 2009

No, not literally a paper suit like Issey Miyake circa 1983. Knoxville Girls are the oily, shitcan-kicked cowbluesrock trifecta of a crazy little art form called "music." Do you ever feel like this whole stupid fuckin' thing called life is finally alright as you speed down the highway in the middle of the California desert with all your friends passed out, 5 o'clock in the morning? You're cranked up on a week's paycheck's worth of good blow, reminiscing about the people who fucked you and left you behind while chain smoking Saratoga cigarettes and taking liberal sips of some cheap beer in a can. What's the band you wanna hear on that car stereo of yours that has auto-reverse but doesn't play the other side on the right speed? This scenario would not be complete without a truck stop meal and Knoxville Girls blaring out of the car with the windows completely down. This is a five man powerhouse collective of veterans who need no introduction in this game; Jerry Teel, Bob Bert, Jack Martin, Kid Congo Powers and Barry London - some of the projects that these gentlemen have been involved with at one point or another include Sonic Youth, Honeymoon Killers, The Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Chrome Cranks, and Pussy Galore. This album is the must-have release of 2001. Excellent Hank Williams, Hasil Adkins and The Shangri-La's covers.

 –nam (In The Red)

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