Jul 10, 2007

If you saw the interview of this band in issue fifteen, you know that this band is well liked at HQ. That doesn’t mean everybody thinks alike and has the same taste. That would mean that we are robots who only like what we are programmed to like. I admit that a lot of bands the other writers like do not suit my tastes and vice versa, but there is overlapping. Here is another case of it. I did not go out of my way to check out this band after seeing them profiled in the mag. Eight issues later, I get a CD to review. Cool stuff here. Garage punk that goes straight to the gonads with tinges of psychedelia and a surf beat. As soon as the music came pouring out of the speakers, I wanted to start shaking violently. Whoo! What fun! The song “Summertime Rundown” is my fave here. Catchy with the tongue-in-cheek female background vocals make for a song that stays on the mind for a long time. With so many bands recording on ProTools these days (mine included), it’s refreshing to hear someone record on a four-track and get great results.

 –don (Estrus)

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