KNOCK KNOCK: We Will Raise Your Child: LP

Perhaps not the best line to start off a record review with: I know very little about the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Apples In Stereo, or Neutral Milk Hotel. With the old stuff, it’s not from lack of exposure. It’s just that I truly don’t care. The last time Revolver was played for me, I just wanted it to end. It’s not for me. To me, Bob Dylan is a Yoda-sounding dude who wrote a song that helped sell women’s bras and panties to pad his social security check. No venom, just a pass. But, with a band like Knock Knock, I’ve got that sneaking suspicion that they’re familiar with and like many or all of the aforementioned bands. Funny thing is that I really like Knock Knock while I couldn’t care less—musically—about what I’m supposing are their influences. This is a very pleasant, lush, singer-songwritten “I have a kid, here’s a concept record” album. There are touches of psyche-pop, of the Hair soundtrack, an occasional glockenspiel. It’s less for fans of the new Total Chaos and more for fans of Go Metric. Almost an alternate universe “child appropriate,” PG-rated, de-iced, I’ll-pre-peel-that-Banana-for-you FM Knives? Maybe that’s just the Sacramento steeping into the tea. If you were a fan of the recently re-released Bright Ideas 12”, may I recommend Knock Knock? Another example of punks aging gracefully and making unexpected music instead of embarrassing everyone by pretending to be perpetual teenagers.

 –todd (Sacramento, / Phono Select)