KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE: My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours!: CD

Feb 21, 2008

This has GOT to be a joke. Thirteen tracks here whose alleged sole purpose is to sing the praises of Jesus Christ and condemn the sinful state in which this world finds itself, all done up in neo-’60s garage rock. If this is, in fact, a joke, then songs like “Ain’t No Monkeys in My Family Tree,” “Dangers of Dating” and “‘E’ is for Evil” rank up there with the best works of bands like Crucial Youth and Fearless Iranians from Hell in pointed parody. If this isn’t a joke, and their music is, indeed, “the weapon in our crusade for Christ Almighty,” then Jesus’s army is in sorry shape, ‘cause it’s staggeringly hard to take seriously four guys wearing modified buckets on their heads.

 –jimmy (