KNIFEY SPOONY: Animal Pleasures Demo: Cassette

Mar 03, 2011

With a name like Knifey Spoony and coming from the Bay Area, you expect some fannypacker pop punk here. This is definitely in the same loose, not-too-serious spirit of a Thrillhouse Records band and I would bet that they wear fanny packs. However, instead of pop punk, it’s raucous and freaked-out garagey punk. The first bands that come to mind when I hear this are The Teeners, Knife Party, and Circa Now!-era Rocket From The Crypt. It reminds me of shitty Richard Hell bootlegs, too. The spazzed-out vocals kick my ass right out the porta-potty where they recorded this demo. Then I’m left with no choice but to start shaking my butt before I can clean the shit off myself. I hope they stick around long enough to cut a record. You get some blistering covers of Creedence and a well-loved band from Minnesota, too!

 –Craven ([email protected])