KNIFE + A BIKE CHAIN #1: $6.50, 11” x 8½”, copied, 36 pgs.

Nov 16, 2015

LikeSnakepit, the cut of Steve’s jib here is doing an autobiographical comic a day. This first issue of K+ABC takes place over the stretch of a month, where he navigates the end of a relationship, a new place to live, and a job that he’s resoundingly unhappy with. Unlike Snakepit’s three-panels-a-day, Steve’s take up a full page, and a lot of them actually just consist of song lyrics laid over the top of visuals of him as he is going throughout his day. But then none of the songs are credited, so for the vast majority of them I’m left in the dark as to the identity of these formative, important bands in the guy’s life. Anyway, comics are hard enough to do at all, much less every day, so while not all of this floored me with its insight or emotional transparency, it’s still a damn solid effort for a first issue.