KNAVES GRAVES: Discography: Cassette

Jan 15, 2015

Hmmm, first impressions can be deceiving. This is a weird mix of punk. On the tape cover is’80s-style comic art of cool girl punkers at the beach. Then there’s boy-dumb song titles like “Get Off My Dick,” “Aarp,” “Calypso Cunt,” and “Fuck Off/Like Totally,” but my contempt was soon proven wrong. Love that. Each song progressively pulled me in tighter with their unmistakable underlying Go-Go’s ‘80s vibe, Brit sound—ala Joanna Gruesome for vocals—and infectious song melodies. “Heaven Is Hell” harkens the Strokes, with a strong guitar hook and super catchy melody, while the lax drag of Sebadoh informs “Green Coat.” There’s definitely a new wave, post-punk, surf guitar sound as well, which sets the tone. Never heard of this band from Florida before, but I’ll be keeping my eye out. Into it! 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Muckman,

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