KLITZ, THE: Sounds of Memphis ‘78: 7”

Jan 27, 2015

First archival release of The Klitz Sounds of ‘78, recorded in one three-hour session during the summer of ‘78. The Klitz existed from ‘78 to ‘80 but never released anything as a band… until now. Considered as one of Memphis’s first punk bands, this is a lo-fi charmer with raw, bare bones guitar, bass, and drums. “Two Chords” is a perfect example with a two-chord progression and lyrics such as “two chords /going out of my mind!” Because all you fucking need is two chords, dammit. Gail Clifton’s vox on “Hard Up” are some of the most delicious vocals I’ve ever heard—fresh and unapologetic. Everything from the rhythm section, to the raw, amateurish vocals, and simplistic guitar feels like it might just fall apart at any time. Always teetering back and forth—lags, drags, picks up—this ultimately adds to this hot, perfect mess. Five hundred pressed. Get it. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Spacecase, spacecaserecords.com)

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