KLAZO: Self-titled: CS

Apr 28, 2016

Klazo is a fuzzed out, trashed out, two-piece garage rock band from London, Ontario. Noisy distorted guitars, snotty vocals (the screaming portions remind me, strangely enough, of early Die Kreuzen), and an excellent taste in covers all prevail here, including Freestone’s KBD classic, “Bummer Bitch”. This is a fun, eight scuzzy song demo cassette with songs titles like “Fuck Me”, “Get The Fuck Out” and “I Gotta Rock’n’Roll”, all clocking in under the magic two minute mark. This is the kind of straight from-the-garage noise I miss from the ‘90s and I look forward to hearing whatever else these guys bash out.

 –Mark Twistworthy (klazo.bandcamp.com)