KLASSE KRIMINALE: The Rise and Fall of the Stylish Kids…: LP

Jan 11, 2011

Umpteenth release by this antifascist oi band that’s been putting out records for over twenty years. The band sings in Italian, but they’ve provided a lyric sheet with English translations and comics, ala Fly’s insert on the Pinhead Gunpowder side of their split with Dillinger Four. I have no idea how a band that’s been around since 1985 still manages to come across as excited about punk rock, but Klasse Kriminale does, and it’s pretty great. The music’s pretty standard streetpunk fare—but shit, are they really copying anything? Seems like a band that’s been around this long has probably helped define the genre rather than ape it. Translations are a little spotty here and there, but that only adds to the charm. Beautiful colored vinyl, extensive packaging, and armfuls of sincerity. Not something I ever would have picked up on my own, but the band’s enthusiasm carries them through here. Fans, take note.

 –keith (Contra)