KLAMYDIA: Muista Kayttaa Pyorraillessa Kyparaa: CDEP

May 27, 2009

Flying under the radar and not making much noise in the states is this wonderful band that is one of Finland’s oldest running punk bands. A friend of mine who I trade with in Finland introduced me to tehm. Upon first listen, I was hooked. I asked for more and he came through with flying colors. They embody elements of `77, street punk, rock, and pop melodies. They sing in Finnish so I have no clue what they are singing about. Similar to Unborn SF or Die Toten Hosen but more fun. The music puts a smile on your face while your adrenaline is pushing towards the red. Four songs are kind of a tease, but you get four very good songs. I have listened to it over and over and haven’t tired of it. If you ever see their music in a bin at your local record store, buy it without hesitation. Everything that I have heard by this band is superb! Beer-shaking fun!

 –don (Kraklund)

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