KIT: Invocation: CD

Jan 11, 2011

At first, I rolled my eyes at the press release, but then I realized that there are actually “Accomplished Musicians” in this band, so it makes sense. I’ve just gotten used to seeing teenage garage bands pay a publicity rep to write up a glowing press release of their “revolutionary and awe- inspiring” (but actually mediocre) first release. This is a pretty legit indie band though. They’ve done splits with Thurston Moore/ Kim Gordon and Deerhoof. Oh, and it says that Mike Watt plays bass with the band sometimes. But more important than press release credentials, I’m really into the music on this album. It has a lot of distortion, but in a really pretty kind of Kill Rock Stars kind of way. There are vocals, but the band’s focus is definitely instrumental. It sounds Kit should have been around twenty years ago, but I like them now anyway.

 –Lauren Trout (Upset The Rhythm!,

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