KINGS OF NUTHIN’: Old Habits Die Hard: CD

May 18, 2010

This record was recorded over two years ago but the label’s PR company is trying to pass this off as a brand new record. The band maintains their signature “punk rock, rhythm and blues” style that mixes ‘77-’82 style punk rock with a horn section and swing beats. The vocals are still very, very Boston and my friends always ask me if this the new band “from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones guy.” The songs on this record are a lot better than Over the Counter Culture (which was mostly covers, anyway). The production is pretty slick compared to the raw sound on Fight Songs and Get Busy Livin..., but it actually works for most of these songs. “The List” is a great anti-industry rant that’s perfect for mix tapes, and the album’s closer “Congratulations” is a surprisingly well-written ballad. This is a solid comeback record and is definitely the best thing they’ve released since their early days. –Ian Wise

 –guest (Sailor’s Grave,