KING TUFF: Self-titled: LP

Second King Tuff album, second of his bands to be on Sub Pop (the other being Happy Birthday’s 2010 self-titled album, which might as well have been called King Tuff with Synthesizers.) I never did understand the Sub Pop connection, as King Tuff always struck me more as a Burger Records type of laid back, white-trash-hep, small town-to-Brooklyn type. Shows what I know! Anyway, this is a pretty good pop garage record, not as immediately great as Was Dead but it grows on me with each listen. Mr. Tuff continues to espouse the slacker lifestyle with jams like “Alone and Stoned,” “Keep on Movin’” and “Loser’s Wall.” “Bad Thing” is my favorite. The packaging is nice; includes thick stock cover and a four page lyrics/art sheet.

 –Sal Lucci (Sub Pop)