King Shit: By Brian Alan, Illustrated By Waylon Thornton, 44 pgs. By Simon Sotelo

Feb 02, 2015

King Shit reminds me of a few nights out at the bar that were more trouble than they were worth. That night you didn’t quite regret, but if you could have stayed at home would you? Probably not. It’s been awhile since I was a person who’s long since wanted to get into a drunken heap of trouble every week. King Shit took me back. After each chapter, I was glad to momentarily step out of the bar and away from the vomit- and piss-lined bathrooms that colored my past. The book is short and it reads like a series of short stories at first—stories that just happen to be part of the same storyline—and occur in chronological order. It doesn’t take long to get through a night mis-happenings with our main character Elvis (King Shit) Macalister. Most of the characters are enjoyable weirdos all functioning as part of the same dysfunctional world and nothing seems too far fetched to have been real—at least not after the things I’ve seen. –Simon Sotelo (House Of Vlad Productions)