Jul 09, 2009

"Mad About You" by King Rocker is a fairly undecorated stomp in the "Pipeline"/"Police Truck" type vein (avec le wah-wah), but "Invincible" is a work of sheerest genius, recalling the Ramones' "Highest Trails Above" in its evocation of "today-i-am-a-superhero" imagery, and which, in my Odin-like omniscience, i have decided sounds like 2nd LP Generation X (note: i had this thought before consciously connecting it with where the band got their name) (which would be "from a song on the second Generation X album" for those of you who are context or record collection challenged) doing a Supernova cover of the "Beat on the Brat" rip-off variety (i.e., "Gumfighter"), but with Leonard Graves Phillips orchestrating the chorus (the chorus harmonies are very highly latter-day-Dickiesian in nature, but on a budget, and applied to a not-particularly-inherently-Dickiesian passage ["I WILL NOT DIE... I WILL NOT DIE!"]), followed immediately by dual-guitar interplay whereby left-channel guitar offers a superficially Screeching Weaselistic lead countered simultaneously by right-channel guitar playing a more traditional power-pop type lead. Which is, i'm sure, exactly what you're looking for in a record. Black Monday fare worse: "Save Me" is almost some manner of country-core (that is, old-school hc beat w/neo-polka bassline yielding general feel of country two-step run punk rock amok) ditty that has whatever good points it may have racked up obliterated on account of the drummer speeds up every time he gets to the chorus; "The Same" is merely generic pop-punk of the variety where almost every chord gets played for exactly four measures before changing – my least favorite permutation of the genre, ever. Mr. Idol, who do you feel is the clear winner in this Battle Of The Bands? Billy Idol: "King Rocker...King Rocker... ROCK ROCK ROCK! King Kong! King Kong! King Kong! KING KONG!!!" BEST SONG: King Rocker, "Invincible" BEST SONG TITLE: King Rocker, "Mad About You" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My copy is 631/1000, and the sleeves appear to be silkscreened on the same kinda cardboard they make shoeboxes outta.

 –norb (Split Seven)