KING NINE: Scared to Death: LP

Jun 06, 2014

Aww sheeit. This is top notch NYHC in that Crown Of Thornz and Will Shepler-era Agnostic Front/Madball way, but with some serious late ‘90s/early ‘00s Victory vibe ala Path Of Resistance, Skarhead, and the classic Clevo bands. Toss in some later period Cro-Mags, too. Oh, and like, Rejuvenate and DMIZE. Y’know, mid-paced, tight grooves and furious vocals ala Ezec, Choke, Chris Lohman (Collateral Damage), etc. I can’t think of a New York band that’s sounded this street-level and legit in some time. Old-school cats and newjacks should be equally psyched. So hard, so catchy, so goddamned good.

 –Dave William (Mass Movement,