KING FRIDAY: Married Alive: CD: Married Alive: CD

Mar 05, 2010

Clean my slate. That pretty much sums up what King Friday does to me. It’s a break from reality… not like a smoke break… more like another time and place. I shake my head, open my eyes again, and remember who I am. For me, the highlight of this CD is “Canadian Money.” It’s a must-listen pop gem of a lifetime. It’s the true sound of pumped-up kids bouncing off the wall. Crank this short song and hit repeat. When it ends, I feel like I just got off of that red spinny thing at the playground and I’m trying to walk straight. These are the kind of songs that stay with you for many years. I know because I have been listening to some of them for many years and they have stood the test of time. King Friday used to slay the crowd at the Hardback in Gainesville, FL on a regular basis. We all wanted to see what they would do next, and they never disappointed. The beginning of “Carrot on a Stick” is so amazing that I appreciate it again every time I hear it. Some of the songs on this record were new to me. The surprise hit of the new songs for me was “Mexico.” “I think you lie most of the time” says Jeff London, King Friday’s fearless lead singer. This record will be a classic in my life for many years to come. I can’t wait to hear the next chapter.What is it about these songsthat bring me to where King Friday takes me? Is it the way the melody rides the chords? The way the chords build to a destination? The way it all crashes on the shore of an island all of its own? Who knows…Who cares? They’re magically delicious.Get a pair of big speakers from your local Goodwill Industries store and crank this. –Dave Rohm

 –guest (Fast Crowd)