KING FRIDAY: Everything Is Not Okay: LP

This shit is fucking awesome. Mr. Disorder is at it again with yet another great release under the belt of his label, ADD. If you don’t know about these guys yet, something must be wrong with you. I’m still pissed I missed them at Fest last year. I was exhausted from celebrating the Cardinals winning the World Series, and didn’t quite make it ‘til 1 AM. I know, I’m a pussy. Anyway, these songs are all great. Musically and lyrically. A good mix of punk and rock’n’roll. You can hear the South come out of these songs at times. And that’s a good thing. The singer sounds like he’s an awesome dude who has problems just like me and you. And he’s not sure what to make of some of them, but he sounds like he would be a good friend to have. This band is definitely in that category of hearing them for the first time and being pissed off that you hadn’t heard them sooner. And yes, that is a category.

 –Nighthawk (ADD,