Sep 17, 2015

One of my favorite records of last year was Hi Ho Silver, Away!’s Chore. This record out of Missoula reminds me of Chore a lot. With members of Goddammitboyhowdy and Suicide Victim, the songs are so raw and heartfelt. They are what I would call Peter Panthems: songs that make you remember your promise to never grow up. “MSLAWEIRD” on the B side of this record does just that—it describes drunken fights amongst friends, with a reprise chant to “keep Missoula weird.” Two songs later comes the track “In D” with lyrics like, “My brain is in shambles now / a million things to do and I can’t find my way to the bottom of these barrels…. I can’t be responsible, I won’t be responsible.” A part of punk that keeps me reigned in is the freedom of expression. The acceptance of a community of sweethearts. The notion that any moment can turn into a party with your best friends. That love you get from your friends as they sleep off their hangovers on your floor. The comfort in knowing they’d do it all for you at the drop of a hat. King Elephant has all of these moments in musical form. Lyrics from “Getaway Driver” express, “We are more than this place can hold / We are more than what we are told.” Their jangly, bright guitar, pounding bass, crashing symbols, and vocals that always sound like they’re on the verge of breaking make up this awesome group from Montana. I feel like we’re already buds. Maybe we are. 

 –Kayla Greet (Minor Bird,