KING BROTHERS: Self-titled: CD

Sep 21, 2009

To say I was awaiting the coming of this album would be an understatement. I was fiending for this album, complete with physical symptoms, even before it landed in my filthy little hands. Nishinomiya's King Brothers spank the crap out of their instruments with wild abandon, leaving your rock'n'roll heiny begging for another round of red-ass beatings. This three-piece has built up quite a reputation for themselves as far as wild rock stories go. Let's see, they played with brown paper bags over their heads (hey, that's the premise of my all time favorite porno movie, how about that!), they have been banned from almost every single club in Osaka, they are under-aged, they are party extremists, and the list goes on. Are they legends in the making? Well, hell. Premature? Yes! The drummer Jun has that early Makers sound down with quick rapid fire beats. Marya, the guitarist, crunches away with slight Detroit influence infused with a good sense of power mod timing. Laying down a second guitar assault is Keizo who brings some great melodic riffs to even it all out. Notice, no bassist - what the fuck? OK, that's cool, I guess. So they sing mostly in Japanese - but who cares? This is a fine example of the phrase, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." These guys say it with a capital, "UGH!" P.S. their first song is "Oh Shit." The second song is "Yakekuso," which literally means, "fried shit." They definitely have some fecal fixation which is A-OK in my book. Long live poo!

 –nam (In The Red)

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