KING AUTOMATIC: Lorraine Exotica: CD

King Automatic is an ingenious one-man band from France who borrows from tons of musical styles to create catchy, beautiful poppy songs about pertinent topics like Lee Marvin and adopting lap dancers. Kitsch soundtrack-esque packaging can’t adequately prepare the listener for the extreme goofiness contained therein. It’s all so endearing, though. Lounge, salsa, rockabilly, punk, and many other forms are represented in this outlandish blend. Lorraine Exotica is exotic, that’s for sure, but it’s also captivating. It’s not for everyone, but it’s an interesting release nonetheless. Supposedly Lorraine Exotica is his fourth full-length, so there must already be a fanbase waiting for this ridiculousness to land. 

 –Art Ettinger (Voodoo Rhythm)