KIM FOWLEY: Let’s Get Blasted: Cassette

Backed by a band not reminiscent of Half Japanese in some vague manner, recently departed trash impresario Kim Fowley ((one might remember him from such films as I Managed the Runaways, I Sang “The Trip,” and Why Is There a Venus & The Razorblades Song on That Second Dead Boys Album Anyway?)) sprechgesangshis way thru a nutty collection of rants, manifestos, and put-ons, presumably as his final gift to Earth’s youth. You will do every fucking drug in the house and it won’t be enough. This is the kind of thing you play at parties when there aren’t any girls there. Just put your head back!You’re doing it right. BEST SONG: “Dumb Romance” BEST SONG TITLE: “21stCentury Youth” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Kiss song “King of the Night Time World” was originally performed by Kim Fowley & The Hollywood Stars. 

 –norb (Burger)