KILLS, THE: Fuck the People: 7"

Jun 23, 2009

Fuck the people is right. Rough Trade made a fortune selling Smiths records to all those sweater-wearing college boys but you would never know by looking at the packaging of this 7”. Not even a plain white sleeve with screenprinted info. Just one of those paper inner sleeves housing this ONE SONG seven-inch. Yes, one song. A song that is supposedly going to be on their upcoming full-length. And I paid money for it. That shows you how dumb I am. As for the song itself, it’s pretty good. Allison from Discount makes full use of her sultry voice over the kind of stripped-down hipster blues that I don’t listen to because I can listen to the Gories and not have to deal with some hipster attitude. Bonus: “Limited to 500” is short for “Sweater-wearing college boys will pay lots of money for this on eBay in six months.” I can’t wait for Spin to do a write-up of this band.

 –guest (Rough Trade)