KILLS, THE: Black Rooster: 7" EP

Jul 28, 2009

The mysterious VV and Hotel come off like a cross between Mecca Normal and Royal Trux but the result is way more satisfying than anything either of those minimalist bands on this debut EP. Mostly 'cause the Kills don't sound minimalist at all. The potential of every song is deftly realized. "Cats Claw" starts out like a lost Mick Taylor-era Rolling Stones track and then kicks it up a notch with some seriously fuzzed out guitar and "Black Rooster" sounds like ZZ Top on meth amphetamines. Side two gives us "Wait," a sing-songy blues number and "Dropout Boogie" re-envisions the Kinks "You Really Got Me" riff as an angry blues number. They don't sound like the White Stripes. –Bob Cantu

 –guest (Dim Mak)