KILLROY: Football Chants and Angry Rants: CD

Jan 31, 2008

Killroy were a bit of anomaly in L.A.’s early ‘80s punk scene. While much of the scene was either indulging in post-Adolescents OC melody-tinged hardcore or opting for the full-on thrash embraced by Wasted Youth, Circle One, and others, Killroy found inspiration in the slower churning of England’s then-contemporary oi scene. The merits of their efforts depended on how one felt about oi, I guess. Looking back that far into their (and my own) past is hampered by the blur of more than twenty-three years. I remember them as being more or less unmemorable, although interesting enough to remember they were on the bill of some long-ago show I attended. That assessment might be a little disingenuous, though. More accurate, bolstered by the music on this disc, might be that they were too often in the unenviable position of sharing the stage with some of Southern California’s most formidable bands. Seriously, how well do you think your band would fare sandwiched between Channel 3, Sin 34, Angry Samoans, and Battalion Of Saints? Listening to this, though, which is essentially the band hitting a studio some twenty years later to run through their set for posterity, it’s clear they might’ve upped their profile considerably and had a fighting chance if they had toured more religiously and steered clear of Mystic Records. While the lyrics are a bit dated in places (“Rush the Doors” romanticizes bum rushing the door at gigs, a practice often instigated by the late John Macias of the aforementioned Circle One rallying the troops and surging through the doors in a mad dash to gain entry, thereby allowing tens of skint punks to see a gig without paying to get in and more skint punks getting an ass-whooping by the bouncers who caught them as they piled by), the music itself is solid and rife with all the chanty bits indigenous to the music of their baldie primary influences. The fact that what’s on here doesn’t suffer from Mystic’s infamous “Wall of Shit” sound helps immeasurably as well. All told, they weren’t quite as middling as recollected and left a much better impression this time ‘round.

 –jimmy (

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