Aug 22, 2006

The margin of error for bands like Killing The Dream, that space between so-so and so fucking good, is oftentimes razorwire thin. It’s so easy for bands of this ilk to get toe tagged with a “sub par Tragedy” reference; bands with a melodic undercurrent that are simultaneously grounded in that feeling of “oh shit” one probably gets that second or so before one gets hit by a semi. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Killing The Dream is well-founded within the confines and restraints of the current hardcore crop, but they’ve managed to avoid the pitfall of “been there, done that” by giving us a complete package here—their vision as a band is ferocious as fuck, absolutely focused, and totally complete, and frankly, the picture they’re painting is a dark one, in a way that’s both beautiful and menacing. It’s a pretty stunning record, one that doesn’t let up from beginning to end. Recorded and packaged and (most importantly) performed excellently, these guys belong in the upper tier, and In Place Apart deserves repeated listens from kids who’ve already worn out their From Ashes Rise LPs but still wish Fingerprint were still putting out records.

 –keith (Deathwish)

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