Jul 25, 2008

Fractures isn’t really my breed of hardcore (I prefer it much closer to the mid ‘80s mold—more Black Flag and less Bane), but I am willing to give anything a shot once. This kind of stuff is heavy without being too weighed down (except when the boring breakdowns kick in), and the desperately throaty vocals can work really well when a song’s tension gradually grows (such as in the title track or “Holding the Claws”). At other moments, it’s the same old dreck of recycled and overbearing aggression that I’ve seen many a bad local band slog through (See “Part II (Motel Art)” or “Everything but Everything”), turning the hardest tracks on the disc into the dullest ones. With the addition of some creativity on all fronts, the basic materials could be salvageable.  –Reyan (Deathwish,