KILLING CALIFORNIA: No Pentagrams, No Crosses: LP

Sep 11, 2012

These local boys out of OrangeCounty fire off their third full length record of hardcore thrash. With throat-ripping vocals the likes of The Casualties and blue collar work-a-day tunes that would make Cock Sparrer proud, Killing California has single-bandedly defied the surf-rockabilly punk so resplendent of sunny Southern Cali. With fangs bared, they barrel straight into riffs as heavy as a sledgehammer on “Blame Bukowski,” while “Limbs” opens up with one of those deep bass lines that makes your intestines warble. “Dirt” strays from the pack and ebbs into psychedelic prog metal with extended guitar whines making for what I could imagine to be a viable soundtrack to one of Ozzy Osbourne’s LSD trips. Solid guitar work throughout. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Basement,

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