KILLER’S KISS: Self-Titled: CD

Jun 29, 2007

At first this album made me think that I don’t have evolved enough taste in music to enjoy the organs and indie rock vibe, but lo and behold, the angst present on this album fits my mood perfectly on a Sunday evening while I dread going to work tomorrow. The music is quite eclectic. The first songs like “Mama’s Nightgown” and “Creepy Tejas Moon” are comparable to a less upbeat Hives, with dark piano and organ like the Murder City Devils and some raging vocals similar to Refused. To my surprise there are also some more upbeat songs like “Backslider,” which has a Rolling Stones meets New York Dolls kind of vibe. The eclectic sounds still persistent as there is harmonica on “Neither,” distorted vocals on “Lerved,” and a Cramps-like number with “Shine It.” Perhaps it is my somber mood but this album surpassed my expectations of another lame indie band (since I lump them all together at times) and I actually enjoyed the listen.

 –jenny (Hook or Crook)