Jul 10, 2007

I’m betting a 40 oz. right now that one of these dudes has huffed paint, glue, or gas in the last three years. If I’m wrong, the Country Club’s on me and I’ll bring four straws. And if you think that’s a slag, you’d be mistaken. Killer Dreamer are action rock flag wavers for DIY punk that fits right nicely between Toys That Kill (sometimes right on the button) and The Horrible Odds. It’s spastic, fun, catchy, puke-where-you-stand stuff that goes by too quickly. If you’re a sucker for zombies in rock songs, can’t get enough of hearing songs about body parts falling off, rot, decay, and misanthropic (yet endearing) attitudes, this’ll peel you off the couch. Upon repeated listens, undoubtedly enhanced by the brightly colored paranoia-informed album artwork, Land of the Lost-era The Freeze comes to mind, too. Curved boner, wide-smile, degenerate punk continues to be mighty fun.

 –todd (Kapow)