The first song blows. It starts off with someone asking “Can everybody hear me” through a megaphone and continuing to rant unintelligibly through it. It shifts into a breakneck psychobilly monstrosity. “Turn Me into Dirt” is an operatic monstrosity with soaring riffs and galloping drums. It’s not any better than the first song. I flip the record over and am treated to a vocal monstrosity of off-key caterwauling on “…From the White Light.” Reading some background about the band on the label website says that the members have hardcore roots (The Judas Factor) but choose to explore the musical intersections of punk, folk, and indie. Should’a remained uncharted territory. Why not throw in techno and two-step to the mix? It couldn’t sound any worse. With all the time changes, breakdowns, and explorations of musical styles, it comes off sounding like a well executed impression of System Of A Down and, at times, Muse. No, that’s not a compliment.

 –benke (Koi)