KILL YOUR IDOLS: Something Started Here: CD

Dec 13, 2007

Here is a compilation CD that collects a bunch, if not all, of Kill Your Idols’ loose tracks from comps, splits, and EPs. This is almost overkill to try to listen to all at once. From what I understand, this is also available as a box set of vinyl 7”s, and I would have to say, you might want to go that path with this release if you have the means, so you get everything in nice little chunks. Personally, I can’t since I don’t have a record player (Gasp! Punk rock blasphemy). Kill Your Idols plays straight-ahead ‘80s-influenced hardcore punk that shifts between fast and really fast (with the occasional breakdown), with some very pissed-off, shouted vocals to top everything off. This is the kind of punk rock that all sounds the same the first several times going through it, but after a couple spins you start to realize that it infiltrates your consciousness as you begin to recognize and catch onto different songs. My personal favorite songs are “I Told You So,” where the band manages to achieve some sort of huge epicness that makes the song sound monumental, and the cover of Scandal’s new wave masterpiece “Goodbye to You.” What I really love about the Scandal cover is that if you’ve ever heard the original, you know that Kill Your Idols’ vocalist Andy West is about the last person who should ever attempt to sing the Patty Smyth parts from the song, but the band still manages to pull the song off nicely. I also have to say that the booklet that comes with the CD makes a good case about why physical releases are so much better than just downloading albums. The notes in the booklet are extensive and feel like a mini biography. This compilation might be too much to tackle in one sitting but it’s a good way to get better acquainted with Kill Your Idols, whether you’re a super fan or looking for a good starting point.

 –Adrian (Lifeline)