KILL YOUR IDOLS: From Companionship to Competition: CD

Nov 15, 2006

I was really anticipating that I was really going to like this one. I’m not completely disappointed, but I did put this on a higher pedestal. First off, the production was a bit off in my book. The vocals are really dry and pulled a hair back in the mix. The guitars are a bit too clean and could have used a deeper sound. The bass sounds good but is a little too forward in the mix. The drums are the only thing that is mixed in the right place. I can hear the structure of the music being powerful but the mix destroys what could be amazing. I would have liked maybe a little more variety in the chord structures too. Maybe they are leaning too heavily on reliving that ‘88 sound played by guys from the ‘90s. The hardcore is competent but at times sounds generic. Too much repetition and too much paint-by-numbers. The lyrics also rubbed me a little wrong. It was a bit elitist in nature, like na na na na na, I’m better than you. It’s a problem in modern day hardcore which shows that sometimes it can lack originality. The macho attitude is what many of us old crabs ran away from when we got into punk. The music is just rubbing me the wrong way like athlete’s foot with scabs. Music for the toughest guy in the mosh pit.

 –don (Side One Dummy)