Kill the Man Who Questions was a political hardcore band from the mid- to late ‘90s and this is a collection of their singles and compilation tracks. They’re a band whose name I used to see around but never got around to picking up any of their stuff besides the Sugar Industry LP, and listening to this CD, I feel like a dumbass for not doing so. As with most DIY (as in, “not on Victory Records”) hardcore from that era, and pretty much from the whole decade, it’s raw, dirty, and doesn’t make the slightest effort to be listener-friendly or commercially viable. It takes its share of cues from bands like Born Against, Crass, and Logical Nonsense, and the result is intense and explosive, fitting in well next to contemporaries (in aesthetic, not necessarily sound) like His Hero Is Gone and Los Crudos. It’s a rad way to pick up any of their stuff if you missed out like I did the first time around.

 –josh (Cheap Art)