KILL THE HIPPIES: Jerked Off by Strangers: 7"

Aug 14, 2009

It’s easy to be skeptical of a band with a name like “Kill the Hippies.” Especially if the artwork features dicks in three separate places. But Fightin’ Fun Bob of Cleveland, OH played this record for me before I had a chance to know the band’s name or see the artwork, and the music snagged me before critic-mode kicked in. The first song, “Flags and Gas,” is a hardcore political rant that reminded me of Harum Scarum, which is a good band to remind me of. The third song, “Deserter,” reminded me of The Feederz, which is another good band to remind me of. The funny thing is, Harum Scarum and the Feederz have almost nothing in common, but the five songs on this Kill the Hippies seven inch meander through a list of punk and hardcore influences, all the while maintaining a pretty unique sound. This band must be big shit in a small scene, and everyone at their shows must be wondering why Kill the Hippies aren’t huge by now. Bands this original usually don’t get huge, but that shouldn’t keep you from checking out their seven inch. 

 –guest (Kill the Hippies)