KILL THE HIPPIES: Erectospective: 2xCD

Jun 22, 2007

Is there such a thing as mustache punk? Because these guys are mustache punk. As you may have guessed by the title, these two discs collecting almost all of the recordings by this Ohio band. Their sound is pretty much anything goes; they draw heavily from classic thorn-in-the-listener’s side bands like Devo, the Feederz, and the Crucifucks, with bits and pieces of bands like the Grumpies and Sockeye. For the most part it’s really good stuff, and it makes me wonder how they only managed a handful of singles and cassettes in this era where bands crap out full-lengths in less time than it takes for a human fetus to gestate. To be fair, though, you should already know whether or not you’d want to listen to songs with titles like “Jerked off by Strangers.”

 –josh (Rock N Roll Purgatory)