Jul 10, 2009

Serotonin sounds like Jawbox, circa Grippe. Mumbly vocals that are subsumed into the mix enough to be considered an instrument itself, and it nets with the guitar, drum, and bass. It's arty, dense, complex and comes pretty close to rockin'. It's a personal thing, I know, but I'm suspicious of all bassists who strap their instruments really high, and, in Serotonin's case, it reinforces my fear that he fingers and funks more instead of strumming and wailing. Kill Devil Hills goes from a long, almost classic rock, instrumental dirge into a Hot Water Music territory with hoarse vocals, stratospheric guitars and shout-alongs. The song goes back and forth a couple times between the two extremes. I like it, though. Hey, at least the yelling sounds genuine. The bassist, Andrew, went on to the extremely excellent Against Me! An alright split. Not going either nutso over it or wanting to bonk them on the head.


 –todd (Soul Is Cheap)