KILEGO VERT: Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean: CD

Mar 03, 2009

This is a four-song (well, actually three plus a bonus track. Hey dudes, no one cares if it’s a bonus track. Just say it’s got four tracks), forty minute CD that was a welcome change. Unlike much of the things I review, it didn’t totally suck. It’s also very epic sounding and isn’t about pop riffs and simplicity. No, Kilego Vert have bigger ideas than that. Think Isis meets butt rock or Pink Floyd with extensive guitar solos. Think of half-spoken, half-sung vocals with samples from some movie or TV show or random dudes being played behind the music. At first I thought I would really dig this album, but after a few listens it just seemed too dramatic and big for me. I started having bad flashbacks to weak prog CDs I’ve been forced to listen to. As with so many bands, there are interesting ideas here. Hopefully, Kilego Vert will continue to explore and refine their sound.

 –kurt (Zodiac Killer)

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